Vicious Touch – MMO / FPS LED Backlit Gaming Keyboard, with 15 Programmable Macro Keys for Professional and Casual Gamers

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  • Anit-Ghost Design - with Soft Mate Finish, and 15 programable macro keys for Pro Gamers.
  • Internal Media and Internet Keys - for easy access to media and the internet
  • Crsytal Blue LED Back-Lit Gaming Keyboard with 3 levels of brightness, for maximum comfort.
  • Faster Response Time - Speed 1ms - so you will always have the edge over other players who use normal keyborads.
  • Designed for MMO and FPS Pro Gamers - Perfect for people who play WOW, League of Legends, Guild Wars 2, SWTOR, Defiance, Tera, Rift, Secret World, Day Z, and many more.

Product Description

The Vicious Touch Gaming Keyboard by Twisted Gamer was design for Pro and Causal gamers in mind. Did you know that the average response time of normal keyboard is about 8ms? Well that just doesn't cut it for gamers like us so we gave the Vicious Touch a response time 1ms! Also, if you're like most gamers, then you probably play well into the late night hours of the day like us. So we gave you a blue crystal LED Backlit keyboard that has 3 levels of brightness, so your eyes can adjust comfortably. The Vicious Touch comes with a soft matte finish that feels like heaven on your fingers tips. The Vicious Touch also comes with 15 Programmable Macro Keys so you can store your favorite macros for buying and crafting equipment, activating abilities or skills, or just good old fashion trash talk. If you combine all that with a USB cable and core, Keyboard lock, Winkey lock internal media and internet keys (FN + F1-F10), Adjustable Angle Legs, and sturdy power design. Then you have the Vicious Touch Gaming keyboard by Twisted Gamer. If you want that edge over other players, and to enhance your overall gaming experience, then it is time to get Vicious.

Product Detail

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