Jmt X Bond Template for Kamikaze Hack X-bond for Xbox 360


    • High quality X Bond template is ideal for Xbox 360 drive unlock
    • X Bond template makes much easier to do the difficult Kamikaze Hack.

    Product Description

    In order to flash a Xbox 360 Slim Lite-On DG-16D4s drive equipped with the WinBond Chipset you have to unlock the drive by drilling a hole in a specific area of the IC. X Bond Template can be clicked onto place to mark and drill 100% accurate, so no more failures accidentally killing the drive and no more counting pins. The unlock can be done WITHIN 2 MINUTES We have made the kit as complete as possible including all the tools u need: - X-BOND TEMPLATE (for marking/drilling the hole on the IC) - DRILL BIT HANDLE - 1mm DRILL BIT - 100 Ohm RESISTOR

    Product Detail

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