HDE Controller Shell Case Cover Replacement Kit for Xbox 360 w/ Button Set, Torx Screwdriver, & Crosshead Screwdriver (Clear Blue)

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  • Specifically designed to fit Wireless Xbox 360 controller boards
  • This kit includes a full shell faceplate case set, direction pad, ABXY button parts set, 2 analog sticks (thumb sticks), right and left trigger, and right and left bumper buttons, screws, and tools required for installation
  • Durable construction and smooth finish
  • Torx T8 Screwdriver and crosshead Screwdriver, required for installation, is included in this kit

Product Description

Let's face it, your boring, old Xbox 360 controller could use an upgrade. After fights with the Covenant, Locust Horde, Flood, and other alien species attempting to destroy the human race, it's starting to show some battle fatigue.

Switch out your Xbox 360's old suit of armor with a brand new, colorful shell specially designed to fit any Xbox 360 controller. This accessory bundle comes complete with the shell, control sticks, buttons, screws, and two screwdrivers, one for removing your controller's star screws and the other to install the new cross head screws included in the set.

In no time at all, your old controller will look better than new, ready to join you in the continued fight for the future of the human race!

Product Detail

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