Gamers Digital PlayStation 4 Controller Battery Pack – Rechargeable PS4 Power Bank Adapter

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  • Massive Play Time - Video gaming has never offered more non-stop fun than with the PS4 controller power bank. This gaming accessory attaches to provide more than four hours of extra battery life
  • 2000mAh Rechargeable Battery - This lightweight, easy-to-install PS4 accessory recharges quickly, and the 2,000mAh battery helps you to game like a pro, with little downtime
  • Improved Functionality - A compact power bank that adds minimal bulk or weight to the PS4 control, it won't impact stick or button control while in use, either
  • Secure Snap In - The Gamers Digital 'snap-in' battery pack secures tightly to the bottom of your controller without slipping or sliding, for when gaming gets serious
  • Standard Compatibility - This power bank works with any official PlayStation 4 controller, allowing you to swap easily between control colors and themes.

Product Description

Add hours of battery life to your PS4 controller with a battery pack that 'snaps-on" to your control in seconds.

Gamers know that when they've got a hot hand in Call of Duty or just trying to reach that next level in Final Fantasy, the last thing they want is to lose progress because of a loss of controller power. The Gamers Digital PlayStation 4 Controller Battery Pack is a premium power bank that extends gaming experiences far beyond any standard controller

Quick, Easy and Powerful

Snapping on the ergonomic power bank accessory takes just seconds before complete plug-and-play use. This pack won't slip, slide, or fall out either, thanks to the locking mechanism, and it works perfectly with any standard PS4 controller. Those looking to take gaming to the next level can ensure that the controller need never be put down when it matters most. Purchasing the Gamers Digital PlayStation 4 Controller Battery Pack today will provide a huge advantage for the next major player.

Product Details:

  • Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • Lightweight and Compact
  • Non-Slip Locking Mechanism
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Compatible with PlayStation 4 Controllers
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Extend gaming time and reach that next level with endless charging capabilities.

Product Detail

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